IUEA Graduation Notice to Graduands 2018


IUEA Graduation Notice to Graduands | The International University of East Africa (IUEA) has issued a notice to all finalist who are set to graduate.


Graduation is your special day! There are however important instructions to be followed to graduate successfully.

Important Deadlines and Times

Clearance Deadline:  12pm Saturday 24th November 2018

Times for submitting clearance forms and receiving gowns and invitations: 2pm – 4.30pm Mon – Fri

See the documents below for further information.

Instructions to prepare for Graduation

Step 1 Please pay the Graduation fee of 330,000 /= UGX or $90 USD in the bank. Graduation fees must be paid in full before clearance is complete and you must have cleared any tuition fees balances.

Step 2 Register for Graduation on the 3rd floor University administration offices from Monday 29th October 2018. Collect your clearance form. Your personal details and statement of results must be accurate before receiving the clearance form.

NOTE: You may have someone complete clearance on your behalf but you must register for Clearance in your names and that person must have written permission from you to clear on your behalf.

Step 3 Complete your clearance by getting a stamp from the University Librarian, University Bursar (Accounts), Dean of Students AND Student Guild (same place), Faculty and the Academic Registrar. Each office must stamp and sign the clearance form.

Step 4 Return your completed clearance form to the Graduation Officer on the 3rd floor University administration offices and complete the Graduate Survey(mandatory). You may then register to receive your graduation gown and hood and invitation card. The invitation card invites one graduate and two other guests.

Clearance must be completed before Saturday 24th of November at 12pm to prepare for total numbers for Graduation Day and for security purposes. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be patient with the administrative staff helping you as they are also busy with their day to day tasks.

Please adhere to deadlines to avoid disappointment.

Students caught trying to cheat this procedure in any way will be referred to the Academic Registrar to face disciplinary action.


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